Today the Marketplace will receive two major updates and several backups.

The estimated down time will be around 30m - 2h.

EDIT: Maintenance done, everything is up and running again.

Best Regards,
At the time of this post, this marketplace has more then 150 users!

While this looks like a small number to most, it is very exiting for me and great to see all of it running.

I really thank all of you for your support, your loyalty and your contribution to develop this amazing place, even though a simple registration!
Today the Marketplace will receive some minor changes and a huge system wide backup.

The estimated down time is around 10-20m.

EDIT: Maintenance done, everything is up and running again.

Best Regards,
Hey everyone,
today the 06/04/2018 a cascade error in the forum database appeared while setting up a open demo for Xenforo 2.0.
The database could not be rescued and we needed to put a backup from the 06/03/2018 on the forum server.

We want to apologize for the inconvenience this caused and we will invest more resources in the future for backups to our database, so that a error like this never cause that much work, that need to be re-done, again!

Ramifications of this error:
  • You may need to re-create your account
  • You may need to republish your resource
    • If this error caused any financial problems, contact us and we will resolve it.
  • You may need to re-post your posts
  • You may need to re-do all edits you did to a site

Best Regards,
The upcoming Tuesday we will make some comprehensive patches to the server, because of security reasons regarding "Meltdown" and "Spectre". There will also be some additional work to the backup system and other parts of the current system. This will affect both the repository as the full Marketplace itself.

So the expected down time will be around 1,5 - 4 hours, but this isn't save to say. We will do our best to put the Marketplace back online as fast as we can, but security is the major priority here.

EDIT: The work on the backup system is already done and will not affect the down time additionally.

Best Regards,
As you maybe already checked got the CTSNC Marketplace renamed to only Marketplace to make it more open for other developers and plugins and to not limit it anymore to just CTSNC.

All the changes will not happen from one day to another and will be partly made though all parts of the currently uploaded plugins and the Marketplace itself.

Also I want to say thanks to everyone that the Marketplace got accepted by so many people and get used by them :)

Best Regards,
As you can read in the title all resourcres regarding CTSNC will be moved
from SpigotMC to CTSNC Marketplace, because of several reasons:

  • Better Module managing
  • Possibility to upload/create your own CTSNC
    • addons
    • configurations
  • Forum to help/discuss all informations regarding CTSNC
  • Better overview
  • Community Integration
  • and more...
The resources will still be available on SpigotMC, but not updated anymore.