FakePlayers | 1.8 - 1.13.2 | Fully Customizable 1.5

Simulate the amount of online players in your Serverlist without blocking your real players!

  1. Bug Fix Update

    + Option to set the name of your default world folder (config.yml)
    • Default: "world"
    • Only use this option if your default world folder isn't called world

    ProtocolLib Mode:
    + Option in the config to enable the ProtocolLib mode
    • Only use this mode if you have errors or to debug a error while communicating with the dev
    • FakePlayers commands are not supported in this mode
    • You need to install ProtocolLib for this mode
  2. Shutdown Update

    + Efficiency improvements
    + Fixed server crash on shutdown when the server tried to save data for a huge number of faked players
  3. Multiple Improvements + Command Update

    + Updated NMS code
    + Cleanup

    - Re-named "addTablistPlayer" command to "create"
    + Implement success message for /fakePlayers create command
    + The name of a fake player now also supports color codes (by using the § character)
    + /fakePlayers remove <name> - remove the specified fake player [Console & Player]
    • If the name contained color codes you also need to use the same here to remove the fake player
    • Permission: FakePlayers.Commands
  4. CustomPlayer Update

    + Code cleanup
    + Internal extensions for future updates

    + /fakePlayers addTablistPlayer <name> - add a custom player to the tablist
    • Added players count internal as fakedPlayers so they not take up player slots
    • Requires "FakePlayers.Commands" permission
    • This command as be executed both as player or via console
    • You need to re-log to see the new players in the tablist
  5. Time Update

    + console message how much time is elapsed during the simulation of x players