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Bukkit CTSNC 11.3 - Multiverse Support & Console Command Update

Discussion in 'Patchnotes' started by herby2212, Mar 30, 2017.

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    Last edited: Mar 30, 2017
    Factions variables:
    * Fixed leader null exception - [factions-faction-leader]

    Light Level variable:
    * [ctsnc-player-position-lightlevel] -> Show the light level at your current position

    World change/Multiverse:
    * Fixed scoreboard dissapear
    * Fixed white custom tag
    * Implemented multiverse support

    * CTSNC.CMD.Chat -> Allows you to use the /cts chat command

    • Included in the CTSNC.* permission
    * The help shows now commands available for player and console seperate
    + /cts chat -> Enable/disable the chat via ingame or console [Console & Player]
    + /cts cc me/all -> Clear the chat for you/all [Console & Player]
    + /cts scoreboard -> Toggle the scoreboard ingame (Need a restart of the server) [Console & Player]
    + /cts tablist -> Toggle the tablist ingame (Need a restart of the server) [Console & Player]
    + /cts customtag <taglist(1-30)> set <PlayerName> -> Set the tag for a player [Console & Player]

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