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  1. hi, I bought and installed ctsnc+ 8.0 on my spigot1.12 server. I am asking how can I sync tablist prefixes with nametags and permissionsex? I want to use pex prefixes as tablist prefixes and nametags prefixes too. Please help me immediately. Thank you.
  2. The NameTags get automatically displayed in the tablist as in chat. If you want to use permissionsEx prefixes in the tablist, you can use variables and set them in the CustomTags.yml as prefix for the group you want.
    A overview of all variables: http://herbystar.eu/wiki/variables/
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    Wow. What can I do with the limit on the customtags?
  4. Does the variable get replaced when you post it in chat?
    Also please send me your console log, because it looks like the variable isnt working for you.
  5. "Does the variable get replaced when you post it in chat?" With the last update 8.1, yes. But still I cannot use pex variables in customtags because of 16 character limitations. Maybe you can transform [permissionsex-group-prefix] to [pex-g-prefix]?
  6. With the latest update the variable gets replaced, before it actually get set as tag. So that means that your permission prefix + character name is to long.
    Or does it still show the same error in the console, like you send me before?
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    When I use the variable [permissionsex-group-prefix] as customtags prefix for a tag, all of tags starts to use pex prefixes, because of that when I configure like that:

    Permission: YourName.Kurucu
    Prefix: '-[&cKurucu&f]- '
    Suffix: ' &c<3>'

    Permission: YourName.Mimar
    Prefix: '[permissionsex-group-prefix]'
    Suffix: ''

    Console error like this:

    Because the prefix of "group kurucu" is longer than 16 characters in Permissionsex:
    prefix: '&6&l--[ &cKurucu &6&l]-- &4'

    I hope I success at explain xD

    And my configuration is done, with your help I manually made my customtags and tablist tags stabil. :)
  8. Hi, do you remember we fixed the tag problem on my 1.12 spigot server, which using PEX. Now, my other server 1.8 spigot which using GroupManager, there is a problem. CustomTags all the time hooks into GroupManager and if the Prefix+username is longer than 16, TabList doesn't show us prefixes.

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