Bukkit ★ Stats Module ★ 1.2

Save all Stats you need! Also with a big variable support for other plugins!

  1. The Plugin is called "CTSNC_Stats 1.2", hence I cannot use it in Spigot 1.12.1 due to the Space in its Name. Please get rid of the Space! :-(
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  2. Sorry I was wrong, the Plugin/Module can be used on 1.12.1 Servers. However, it doesn't work properly (or at least the Stats Variables are not being displayed correctly) in my Scoreboard. Kills and Deaths Count is perpetually switching back and forth every few Seconds from the actual Amount to zero, and the Ratio seems to show complete Nonsense.

    I have no deinstalled it again (was using with CTSNC 11.6 and Scoreboard 1.7). Please fix if possible.
  3. Thanks for the report. It seems like this problem appears for some persons in the last time I will look into that and fix it as fast as possible.
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  4. can i use another scoreboard for every world?
  5. Wrong thread? This is for the stats module.
    But no at the moment does CTSNC not have a multiple world support.

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