⚝ Advanced Logger ⚝ AVL ⚝ 2.7

Complete customizable UUID, IP, Mods, Command, Console, Chat... logger!

  1. Mod Detection Update

    Mod Logging:
    + Option to enable/disable the logging of Forge mods of a player (config.yml)
    • The list of mods get saved in the file under Players/<ip of the player>
      • This list represents all mods the player has used over his time on the server. For the current used mods you can use the command if the player is online.
    • The "Avl.bypass.account" permission now also bypass the logging of your mods
    • Currently only Forge mods between MC version 1.8 to 1.12.2...
  2. Command Management Update

    * The Blacklist.yml got integrated into the CommandManagement.yml => You manually need to copy your entries to the new file under the point AVL.Commands.Blacklist
    * Disabled generation of a Blacklist.yml file

    Command Logging:
    + Option to set commands that shall be logged in the global chat log instead of the global command log
    • Commands will still get logged in the chat section of the per player log file
    + Option to enable/disable the Exclusive...
  3. 1.15 & 1.16 Update

    * This version now fully support 1.15, 1.15.2 & 1.16
  4. 1.14 Update

    * Fixed startup error
  5. Command Log Update

    Console Command Log:
    + Option to enable/disable the logging of commands executed by command blocks (config.yml)
  6. Marketplace Update

  7. Command Update

    + Updated to the newest 1.13 version

    + /avl - shows a overview of all commands
    • requires "Avl.commands.*" permission
    + /avl cmdspy - enable/disable live ingame command log
    • requires "Avl.commands.cmdspy" permission (Included in the Avl.commands.* permission)

    Notes: Those commands are for debug purposes so there isn't much included help or fancy decoration.
    If someone wants somethink like this, I will implement...
  8. Death Log + Marketplace Update

    NEW! Marketplace:
    * Removed Spigot Support
    * Future updates will only be released on Marketplace
    * Moved project from Spigot to Marketplace

    * Link: http://herbystar.eu/resources/advanced-logger-1-7-1-8-1-9-1-10-1-11-1-12-avl.14/

    NEW! Death/Kill log:
    * New folder: Death | Kill
    * Option in the config to enable/disable the log
    * New bypass permission for the death log: Avl.bypass.death [1]
    * New bypass permission for the kill log: Avl.bypass.kill...
  9. Newer SuperLogger Update

    NEW! Command Blacklist:
    • New file: Blacklist.yml
    • You can now set commands that won't get logged
      • This include both the player IP and the general command log file
      • This exclude the console command log

    NEW! Join Log:
    • New Folder: Joins
    • Per day...
  10. You Can't Hide Update