CBMFC ★ [Custom Serverlist & Playerlist | Private Message, Friend, Party & Maintenance System] ★ 2.8

The all-round solution for every Bungeecord network!

  1. herby2212
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15
    Herbystar Inc.
    Skype: herbystarlp
    Discord: https://discordapp.com/
    If you like to get live support or just to ask questions, feel free to join out help chat on discord by typing in the following code into your Discord app: "https://discord.gg/c3ukqhp"

    ★ What is CBMFC? ★
    CBMFC is the Bungeecord version of the famous plugin CTSNC.
    Including a ton of features and useful applications just in one file and configuration.

    1. Put the file in your Bungeecord plugins folder
    2. Restart your server
    3. Configure everything as you like
    4. Enjoy a professional look and more tools for managing

    Fake Online/Max Players:
    - Real online/fake max players
    - Fake online & max players
    - Real online & max players

    Custom Prefix

    Party System:
    - Custom variables
    - Private chat
    - Multiple managing tools
    - Clickable chat invite's

    Custom PlayerCount Message:
    - Multiple lines
    - Variable support
    - Custom MOTD
    - Multiple MOTDs

    Private Message system:
    - Switch between Name and Displayname
    - Message monitoring for admins
    - Custom Syntax
    - NotOnline support
    - Instant reply function

    Maintenance Mode:
    - MOTD => Instant switch to a custom motd for the maintance mode
    - Player (Crossed Connection Status, Instead of player numbers a custom message)
    - Kick/Error message when a player try to connect while maintenance mode
    - Bypass permission
    - Playercount message
    Friend System:
    - Simple commands
    - Fully customizable
    - UUID based system
    Variables in Chat

    Global Tablist

    More features coming... ;)
    (Teleport, Ban System)




    private_message.png [



    /maintenance - enable/disable the maintenance mode
    /maintenance add|remove <player name> - add|remove a player from the maintenance whitelist
    /gblreload - reload the full configuration
    /msg - send private messages over the complete Network
    /party create - create a party
    /party invite <player name> - invite a player to your party
    /party have - check if you're in a party
    /party join - join the invited party
    /party decline - decline the party invite
    /party leave - leave your current party
    /party dissolve - remove/delete your party
    /party kick <player name> - remove a player from your party
    /party chat <message> - send a message to all party members [/pc <message>]
    /friend list - show a list of all your friends with online/offline indicator [/friends]
    /friend add <player> - send a friend invite to a player (invited need to be online)
    /friend remove <player> - remove a friend from your list
    /friend accept <player> - accept the friend invite from a player (both sender & receiver need to be online)
    /friend deny <player> - deny the friend invite from a player (both sender & receiver need to be online)
    /friend join <player> - joins a friend's server (if joinable)
    /reply <message> - reply to the last received private message [/r <message>]

    CBMFC.Maintenance - required to use the maintenance command as a player
    CBMFC.Reload - required to use the /gblreload command as a player
    CBMFC.Party - required to use the /party command as player
    CBMFC.Friend - required to use the /friend command as player
    CBMFC.Maintenance.Bypass - Bypass the maintance kick while joining
    CBMFC.Message - Need to use the msg command
    CBMFC.Message.Monitor - Allows you to see all private messages send over the network (Recommended for Mod/Admin/Staff only)


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