CTSNC ★ DisplayName Module ★ 1.3

Customize your DisplayName with Variables and everything you can imagine!

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    Herbystar Inc.
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    Discord: https://discordapp.com/

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    ★ DisplayName Module ★
    This module add the DisplayName feature to CTSNC!

    * Color Code support!
    * Prefix / Suffix for Name!
    * Use variables (Over 1200)!
    * PermissionsEx support!

    * And much more features are included in CTSNC!

    You need to install TTA & CTSNC to use this plugin!
    TTA: http://herbystar.eu/resources/api-t...r-bossbar-holo-ping-glow-api-1-7-1-11-tta.12/

    By donwloading/using this plugin you agree to the following terms!:

    -> You are not permitted to claim this plugin as your own!
    -> You are not permitted to decompiling the plugin's sourcecode!
    -> You are not permitted to modify the code or the plugin and call it your own!
    -> You are not permitted to redistributing this plugin as your own!

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