FakePlayers | 1.8 - 1.16 | Fully Customizable 2.0

Simulate the amount of online players in your Serverlist without blocking your real players!

  1. AdvancedFakedPlayers Update

    + Advanced Mode => This mode will not just edit the online player count, but instead add fully faked players with random names
    • Those players will be visible in the tablist and serverlist (when hovering over the online count)
    • You can set a collection of names in the config (the plugin then will pick some out of them by random without duplicates)
    • The amount of names must equal or be higher then the amount of faked players you set (if advanced mode is activated)

    Note: For higher amount of faked players this mode is not recommended. Also please consult the wiki before usage.
    Link for the wiki: https://herbystar.eu/wiki/fakeplayers-advancedfakedplayers/
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