CTSNC ★ NameTag Module ★ 1.5

This module creates fancy name's above the player's head and in the tablist!

  1. "The Error Corrector Update"

    * Implemented 1.9 check (Prevent errors by using older 1.9 versions)

    * Option in the CustomTags.yml to enable/disable automatic shortening of the prefix. (You need to use CTSNC 11.9 or higher)
    * You receive a message in the console the amount of characters that are to long in the prefix.

    * If enabled it will shorten the prefix, so that the prefix is not longer then 16 chars, to prevent any errors.

    * Disabled: "&6abcdefghijklm: " = 17 Chars -> 1 character to long => Error
    * Enabled: "&6abcdefghijklm: " will be transformed into "&6abcdefghijklm:" = 16 Chars -> No error

    Developer Comment: This option is recommended for general use, it is made to find errors in a prefix and to correct it fast & easy without long searching.
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