1.15 Update for my Plugins

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    today the first snapshots got released for TTA & AVL to support MC 1.15 and 1.15.2.

    I am planning push some more snapshots before the official updates get released so keep an eye on that ;)
    CTSNC & CBMFC will also receive an update to the newest version, while they should already run on 1.15 with this new TTA snapshot.

    Below you will find links to the newest available snapshot for the 1.15 version of those plugins:


    AVL: http://snapshots.herbystar.eu/de/He...SHOT/AdvancedLogger-2.5-20200330.125006-1.jar

    CBMFC: http://snapshots.herbystar.eu/de/Herbystar/CBMFC/2.8-SNAPSHOT/CBMFC-2.8-20200411.143202-9.jar

    Ultimate PlayerToggle: https://herbystar.eu/resources/ultimate-playertoggle.17/update?update=157

    This list will be updated over time as new snapshots are released and more plugins get support for the 1.15 version.

    Also please keep in mind that snapshot versions are not final and though can still contain errors even if I don't hope so:rolleyes:
    But if you find one, please report it to me or in this thread so it can be fixed as soon as possible!

    Best Regards,

    EDIT 2020/04/09: CBMFC added.
    EDIT 2020/04/13: Ultimate PlayerToggle added.
    EDIT 2020/04/29: Replaced link to Snapshot for Ultimate PlayerToggle with link to update.

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