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    If you have a new feature you would like to have in CTSNC or any other of my plugins feel free to post it in this thread.

    Following things got requested and may be implemented in the future:
    1. Option to set the size of the tablist
    2. DONE - Option to set a time region for the ST variable (For example: GMT(Global Machine Time) +2)
    3. Option to hide plugin list and send a message when someone try to get it
    4. King of the Hill variables: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/koth-king-of-the-hill.7689/
    5. Quests variables: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/quests.3711/ (No API)
    6. Vanish No Packet support
    7. Scoreboard for each world / WorldSupport
    8. CTSNC+: AFK Kick
    9. Essentials Chat Support
    10. BungeeSupport (MySQL) (Stats(Kills,Deaths))
    11. WorldGuard variables
    12. Variable for KillStreak
    13. CTSNC+: Auto Broadcaster /Title, ActionBar, BossBar, Chat
    14. CTSNC+: Titles on AFK
    15. Option to disable /cc fully
    16. FactionsUUID Support (No API)
    17. DONE - CTSNC+: LogInEvent Error ReplaceString(Z.152) Ip adress of the player = null (https://pastebin.com/bHnpsazB)
    18. CTSNC/Stats module: Command to reset own (maybe others) / general stats
    19. NameTag use DisplayName instead of raw Player name: http://herbystar.eu/threads/put-customtag-in-tablist.32/#post-177
    20. NameTag mit NickPlugin kompatibel machen, sprich extra prefix um original Gruppe zu verstecken: https://www.spigotmc.org/conversations/problem-mit-nametag-und-nick-plugin.246811/
    21. DONE - StaffChat: Both users can send a message, but only one receive it http://herbystar.eu/threads/staffchat-bug.31/#post-179
    22. CTSNC Stats Module: Variables broken http://herbystar.eu/threads/stats-module.7/#post-185 (Counting) Couldnt replicate problem
    23. CTSNC Tablist: Option to disable Updater
    24. CTSNC: KoTH variables
    25. CTSNC/NameTag: Command to update all tags and only own tag (Methode einfach aufrufen mit entweder all oder player)
    26. DONE - CTSNC: cts title console command (cts title <player/global> <title> <subtitle>) - http://herbystar.eu/threads/ctsnc-a...nametag-chat-protocol-hack.12/page-5#post-324
    27. CTSNC+: Modify Player list in MOTD
    28. Expansion of the play time system including admin command to get the play time of a player. (Only CTSNC+?)
    29. => Manual configuration of the play time of a player
    30. Own autorank module/system
    31. Continuing of the Message.yml => Full translation file, publishing of pre made languages files
    32. Multiple layer scoreboard
    33. GemBomb module
    34. Scoreboard API
      1. getHandlerList method for the PlayerReceiveBoard event
    35. Multiple scoreboard
      1. per word scoreboard
      2. a custom scoreboard only for staff members (permission based)
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    i would like to suggest some features for the following "points":

    30. Own autorank module/system:

    - per rankup a configurable message and/or a configurable private message, too
    - one or more command lines for permission systems and additional commands, for example "/pex promote %username%" (%username% = variable for only playername without custom tag)
    - vault integration
    - function for clan system rankings if not yet included in clan plugins...
    - rankup options (variables) for events, for example "if X used blocks are reached in griefprevention or reached job levels/money/something else.......
    - permission for excluding users/groups from ranking ladder
    - option for skipping time count while afk
    - database (and UUID) support for MySQL/flatfile
    - scoreboard variables for this module
    - function to reset and edit playtime of online- and offline players manually
    - if possible a feature to migrate playtimes of users from a time before this feature by the world(s)?
    (okay, i know there is a plugin yet, that includes all these features but it would be awesome to have an internal module of CTSNC that does this job, wouldn't it?)

    32. Multiple layer scoreboard
    - (if possible) a small ingame (dropdown?) menu that is accessible by moving the mouse to a specific point around the scoreboard in after pressing "t" to open chat window to choose layers and toogle the scoreboard (if permission is granted)
    - all layers fully customizable, for expample to set on layer: #1 player stats like K/D, money, ... / layer #2 factions variables / layer #3 griefprevention variables / layer #4 anything other ;)
    - multiworld support for layers; to be able to set for every single world (or worldgroup) another primary used layer

    actually i don't have more ideas about it this moment....thanks for reading :)

    Kind regards,
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