I want to learn programming - Where do i start from

Discussion in 'Programming' started by BlackBlue, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. I want to start programming, from where should i start ex:
    - What language should i learn first
    - Are there any online lessons etc?
  2. I recommend to start with Java first and then turn over to html, css. After this you can turn to c# which is very similar to java.
    There are a ton of youtube tutorials out there that will show to how to learn java and even if it sounds stupid, but I recommend to start developing minecraft plugins (Even if some people will laugh about this, but that is indifferent). They will teach you all kind of structures and rules of java. Especially if they get bigger and you need to use multiple classes and packages.
  3. Any specific series of tutorials that will directly help me create - develop plugins? got any in mind?
  4. No sry. Just search for them. And also a tipp, feel free to change to a other tutorial series or youtuber to learn / see different coding styles and to develop your own one day, because this will get the unique id of your plugins ;)

  5. Alright, Just a bonus question how did you start?
    oh and do you think codeacademy is any good? does it help?
    also what happends when you learn what each thing does but you cant actually create your small program because you cant 'combine' what you learned alone? that happend to me multiple times
  6. I started by making my own small plugins with the goal that they even through look professional.
    You should have a good reason why you want to learn programming. This will help you in frustrated time not to give up. My reason why I started programming was that I hated all those overpriced bukkit plugins so I decided to made the same for free and it worked :p

    I dont like websites that much, because they will give you a lot of examples and help, but they will not teach you to be an independent developer. But it is your decision.

    Good question. I often reached this point. Sometimes I tried it a full week and it worked at the end. But sometimes I just stopped the project and worked on a other and then after a half year where my knowledge was bigger I was be able to resolve the issue.
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  7. Alright got it, i am gonna put your suggestions in work now, if any questions occur during that, ill just reply to this thread. Thanks!

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