Marketplace Downtime.

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  1. Greetings everyone,
    in the last weeks this website aka. Marketplace was down and many asked what is going on.

    The reason for the long downtime were several issues, but the main beeing to rescue all the data between the current version and the last backup. In the future the backups will happen in a shorter schedule.

    Another change will be that all plugins will receive the full option to disable the updater so that they also can run (don't take for ever to load up) even if they can't establish a connection to the Marketplace.

    A prime example of this change will be AdvancedLogger.

    With this said it is still not recommend to disable the updater as you may miss important updates.

    In the end I can just apologies to all people that were influenced by the downtime of the website and say thank you to all people that reported their problems and stay loyal to this side.

    Also this doesn't mean that the plugins on or the Marketplace itself will be gone anytime soon, there are some huge things to come! ;)

    Best Regards,
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