Mass File Renamer [Drag & Drop Update]

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    Hey everyone,
    after renaming a lot of stuff on my pc (mostly media stuff), I decided to make a small program that can replace the name of x amount of files, by setting what you want to have replaced and though what, without any problems or complications.

    It is a small .exe program written in C#, without a big GUI and only what is needed.

    A small quick guide on how to use the program without and with the use of drag & drop.
    1. Hit the "Select Files" button.

    2. Select the files you want to rename.
    (Note that the GUI language depends on the language setting of your Windows)


    1. Drag & Drop the files you want into the white area. (Step 1 & 2 above combined)
    (Note that in the white area the file path will be displayed independent of what method you use)

    3. Type in for what shall be searched for and though what it shall be replaced.

    4. Hit "Rename" and your files will be renamed. (This can take a few seconds depending on the amount of files)

    5. Done! Now your files should be renamed. In my case it looks like this.
    You can download the program here:
    To run the program, unzip the archieve and go to "bin/Debug/Mass File Renamer.exe"

    I hope this program is helping. Feel free to post any questions or comments in this thread.

    Best Regards,

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