Bukkit ★ Scoreboard Module ★ 2.3

Fully customizable scoreboard with more then 1200 variables and an advanced Anti-Flicker!

  1. Sad to hear that. Then I cant do that much about it.
    The error seems to come from the join process itself. Also it is hard for me to replicate the error or to debug it, because of the complexity of possibilities that could cause this lag.

    But I still will keep an eye open for new ways to resolve this problem ;)
  2. Could you perhaps make CTSNC 11.6 and Scoreboard 1.7 Version (for TTA 3.8) with working Factions Variables for me? That's basically the main Reason why I want to update, but can't, because of the said Lag.
  3. No, sry. I dont make in general modified versions of my plugins only under very special circumstances.
  4. EDIT:
    I got some people saying that, when they remove the DisplayName module is join lag is gone! :)

    Could you try that by yourself and say me if it works?

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