SSL & Marketplace API Update

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  1. Hello everyone,
    it is time to enable full SSL encryption on the Marketplace to provide the best security measures possible for our users.

    But this comes, as so often, with a small drawback as it requires a update in the Marketplace API.
    The corresponding wiki article, also linked below, has alreaby been updated and now those changes just need to be implemented in all plugins that use the Marketplace Update Service.

    The switch to full SSL encryption will happen on Thursday the 24-01-2019.

    This will result in a startup error for all non-updated plugins. (The time until the switch is for all developers to update their plugins)

    Marketplace API Wiki:

    I hope this post will help to prevent as much problems as possible on & after the switch, by informing you at the earliest point in time possible.

    Best Regards,

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