Sudo Commands not work with plugin?

Discussion in 'Plugin Tickets' started by CharlieMcShane, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. Hi Herby, plugin works as intended. Thank you for that!
    However, I'm trying to run sudo commands like "sudo TheFamilyBovine /easyranks set <USERNAME> <RANK>" but these only work when I'm online on the server. So I decided to download and install your plugin, to allow these commands to be ran whilst I'm offline.

    Unfortunately, the sudo commands don't seem to work when I'm offline & only kick in the moment I log in. Is this because I'm not technically online when I leave the server & your plugin takes over? Or am I missing an extra addon to this plugin to make something like that work?

  2. Greetings,
    about what plugin are you exactly talking? I have multiple:rolleyes:

    Many commands (regarding from what plugin they come) require the user to be online, because they often work with live data like the UUID and Player instance. (While you can get both also when the player is offline, but that is another topic)
  3. Sorry about this!
    I am using your FakePlayers plugin! Basically the Discord plugin I've written, generates a Minecraft command when someone logs into my server. So for example, a fan has paid the $5 to subscribe to me on Twitch. Discord puts them in the "Cadet" role, once they've linked their Discord account with their Minecraft account using the DiscordSRV plugin, they log into my Minecraft server, and my Discord generates the command "sudo TheFamilyBovine /easyranks set <USERNAME> Cadet" and sends that to the console.

    This works when I (TheFamilyBovine) is online. But doesn't when I am not. I installed your plugin and created a fake TheFamilyBovine to be online 24/7, hoping the command would work, but it didn't. Was wondering if I was missing something!
  4. Alright this makes now sense more. First I need to say that it is a pretty nice way to combine Twitch, Discord and Minecraft :)

    But what you are planning will not work for several reasons: First is that the faked player is (while it may have the same name) a different player (with its own UUID). Second faked players (even advanced ones if enabled in the config) shouldn't be able to execute commands. (this is due to them not beeing designed for that function on a programming level)

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