★ Incompatible Plugins

Dec 14, 2017
★ Incompatible Plugins
  • Incompatible Plugins
    This site contains a list of plugins that can / do conflict with CTSNC and
    may cause interruptions and bugs in the appearance & usage.

    Not all modules are affected by the following plugins.
    Most of the modules will keep working fine, also with
    the plugins down below installed.

    Scoreboard module:
    • Rank Prefix Plus
    • HealthBar

    NameTag module:

    • HealthBar
    • 1.8 PvP for 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11 1.9 (Also known as OldPvP)

    Chat module:

    • Essentials Chat
    • Other chat formatting plugins

    DisplayName module:

    • Essentials Tags

    ⓘ If you find other plugins that may cause trouble with CTSNC feel free to add them to the page ⓘ